HAPPINESS - It Is Your Journey - Own It

Happiness is something we all want, but we all strive for it in different ways.  Sometimes happiness is defined based on our level of interactions with others that determines the level of our own happiness. Others claim happiness begins with loving yourself first. Some of us interpret happiness by the number of goals we achieved. When we reach certain goals in our lives like getting married, buying a new home, getting a raise, or a promotion we achieve happiness. So we forego a little happiness today, next week, and the following month so we can reach those goals sooner. Unfortunately, days turn to weeks, weeks to months and months into years. We wake up one day and realize how much time has passed. The goals we thought would make us happy turn out to be just milestones on a long journey. 

       So what is happiness?  Could it be all of the above definitions and more?  Happiness, simply put, is a choice that we make every day and in every moment. The key is to be disciplined in taking steps each day to build your own happiness. No one else can do it for you – you own it!  So choose happiness each day-!



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