Life Coaching

As a connecting partner on your new personal quest, together, we will explore your level of self-awareness, blocks, fears, and personal styles to map out a new path that offers a deeper and more personal connection of fulfillment.   

Assessments and in-depth facilitation, will be included in each exploration package to analyze outcomes and to assist you in aligning a new focus to your true personal values and desires. 

If you are feeling blocked, frustrated, unworthy or not sure which path to go down, Personal Quest can help you clear the path and find the path that best fits you!

Types of Exploration Packages:

1.    Self-Awareness                                    

 This exploration packages will focus on some assessments, interpersonal findings and reflective exercises to bring awareness to where you are at, where you want to go and how to build a higher self-awareness, confidence, acceptance and life direction.  Blocks and fears usually play a significant role in this process and their origination will be found and addressed in a way that is right for you.

2.    Finding Purpose-Passion

In this exploration package we will facilitate what inspires you, life mapping, inner desires, triggers  and an in-depth analysis of strengths and purpose. We will focus on embracing your uniqueness and how that plays into the life you want.  Finding a life flow that works for you and understanding its patterns and living within it.  Once all of these points are defined, we can begin to pave a new path to reach your final destination.

3.   Career

Americans work more in a year than the English, French, Japanese and Germans.  Americans also take far less vacation time in comparison. Therefore, choosing the right career is highly important as we spend the majority of hours working, thinking of work or planning work.  So if you are seeking a career for the first time or in a career that is losing its "wow" factor, an in-depth facilitative exploration and assessment process will be initiated to find the right path for you and at the right level of change for you.   


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