16PF Questionnaire

At Personal Quest we are certified in offering the 16PF Questionnaire that provides you a comprehensive, in-depth personality profile that can bring great value to any individual who wants to find a career that resonates with their inner desires, personal traits, and career interests.  The 16PF can also benefit corporations to secure the right candidate for the job to ensure both parties will move forward engaged and productive. 

The 16PF Questionnaire is a robust, reliable, ADA compliant and comprehensive measure of 16 personality traits that describe and predict a person’s behavior in a variety of contexts, reveals potential, confirms capacity to sustain performance in a larger role, and helps to identify development needs.  It is unique in that it doesn't lump you into a category with millions of other people similar to the Meyers Briggs and StrengthFinder assessments.   The 16PF Questionnaire has Five Global Scale Factors (similar to most other assessments) but also involves 16 Personality Traits (the unique factor) that reflects your personal style in each category and how your style can impact your day-to-day interactions.

Knowing One’s Career Interests Is Not Enough To Be Successful:  This 16PF questionnaire provides an “up close and personal” overview of an individual’s personality traits and how they will apply those traits in a work environment.  There is nothing more important in succeeding in any work environment, then knowing how your personality and strengths will fit into the organization. So if you are seeking to begin a career for the first time, or would like to confirm if the path you are on is the right one, then click on the contact button below and request a free consultation for the 16PF Questionnaire now.